Beauty Review | Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm SPF 25


I’d like to start this beauty review off with a disclaimer. I am 31 and I JUST started experimenting and working with liquid face makeup – I’m about six months into it. I’ve always had pretty well-behaving skin with the exception of some red blotches every now and then due to my rosacea. As i turned the curb into my 30s I started noticing these deep, dark circles growing under my eyes. As I kept adding children, they grew darker and darker ;). I needed to do something.

My husband and on our wedding day - 2007

My husband and on our wedding day – 2007

I’ve owned the Bare Minerals starter kit for almost 8 years now. I purchased it right before my wedding because I figured I should probably throw on some face makeup for the special occasion (ha). This powder collection has lasted me that long. When I would wear it, I would just barely dust some on. So I started trying to use the mineral powder to cover up and conceal these terrible eye circles. No dice. It did a great job evening out my skin tone and minimizing my redness, but those half-moon hockey pucks were still staring back at me.

On to my review… I managed to get my hands on this Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm with SPF 25 about a month ago. It was a decent enough size sample for me to use the product for a week – so I feel that is a substantial enough amount of time to let you know my thoughts.


– This product does an excellent job moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue on your face. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry everywhere els

wonderfully strange! I’ll take it!e. So if the product is too matte of a finish, my dry patches are so noticeable! This Beauty Balm has some sort of magic ingredient that fixes the dry patches and tones down the oil in the t-zone. So

– If you don’t like heavy coverage, this product is perfect for you! It’s just enough coverage to even out minor color imperfections without looking like your plastered your face with clay.

– No-fuss application. I applied this just like I would my daytime moisturizer – with my fingers. I needed some minor blending with my fingers, but I was finished in about a minute. Easy-peasy.


– The staying power of this product is poor. Now, my days are SUPER LONG. My makeup starts out at 5:30ish and needs to last until at least 5:30 in the evening. I know that is asking a lot, but its what I need. I find this wears thin and almost non-existent by 3pm. Which, for a light-coverage product, I think is probably to be expected. But, I still consider that a con.

– The price-point on this product is slightly pricey. I have not tried any BB creams from the drugstore, but I’ve seen plenty of reviews on YouTube to know that there are satisfactory products I can find in the drugstore for half of the price of the Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm. Sephora prices this product at $18/.66oz and $36/1.5oz.

YouTube Has What?!

About 6 months ago I did a google search on Dave Ramsey’s “envelope system”. My husband and I decided to hop on the “Money Makeover” bandwagon. We are pretty fortunate that we aren’t in terrible shape. But we’ve been what Dave calls “normal”. We financed our TV and our mattress. Because who wouldn’t – zero per cent for 5 million months??? Ha. Anyway… we love his ideas and his program. But we both had NO CLUE how to create an “envelope system” for our family’s budget. So, I turned to Google. Oh Google, you are so much a part of my education. Much more worthy than my college degree. (ROLL TIDE). Ok, maybe not more worthy than my degree, but definitely a major contributor.

From my Google search, I came across the YouTuber DebtisDum. I was hooked. Like, the kind of hooked that happens when you taste cinnamon-sugared pecans. I just could not stop. How could I have gone through 31 years of existence and not known about the wonderful world of YouTube?

After combing through DebtisDum’s video library and educating myself on all things Dave Ramsey (which I highly suggest for anyone of sound mind to do as well), I looked over to my “suggested videos” box. My next YouTuber was Alejandra’s organization videos. My life is a chaotic mess at the moment and I needed some steady ground to help kick me in the rear to grab ahold of. So, I was naturally attracted to a video about home-organization. From my viewing history on Alejandra’s channel I was suggested to go check out Organized Jen.

It was all over after that. Organized Jen sealed the deal. I was officially hooked – never to be broken (unless YouTube has a complete makeover).

Now, I’ve never been into fashion or makeup. Ever. I have always worn eye makeup (since probably my junior year of high school), but those were mere attempts at fighting off the terrible consequences of a baby face – say, of a 12 year-old. What kind of 16-17 year-old wants to look like they are middle school. It was tragic to say the least.

So fast-forward to early fall 2013. I am 31. I only owned one foundation – a Bare Minerals powder that I’ve owned since right before my wedding in 2007. In addition, i had maybe 4-5 makeup brushes that I had absolutely no clue how to use or what their purpose was. I thought money spent on makeup products was wasteful for me. Unless of course we were talking about some serious mascara or eye liner that would add a few years to my baby-face.

While I was making my way through Jen’s video library, I noticed she had another channel called the Busy Bee Buzz. It was suggested to me by YouTube that I go check it out. I will do anything YouTube tells me to do. There it was – a beauty favorites video. And she was completely real and down-to-earth. She wasn’t a make-up artist, or someone in high-fashion. Needless to say, I dug it. Not only did I dig it, but I was inspired. I wanted to be able to share my thoughts and feelings on the things floating around in my head.

So now jump-ahead to present day – I started this blog today. I made the jump after reading a blog post on the 18 things highly creative people do. It says they take risks. So, this is me, a working mother of three, jumping in face-first. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you YouTube for the education and the challenge.