Beauty Review | Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm SPF 25


I’d like to start this beauty review off with a disclaimer. I am 31 and I JUST started experimenting and working with liquid face makeup – I’m about six months into it. I’ve always had pretty well-behaving skin with the exception of some red blotches every now and then due to my rosacea. As i turned the curb into my 30s I started noticing these deep, dark circles growing under my eyes. As I kept adding children, they grew darker and darker ;). I needed to do something.

My husband and on our wedding day - 2007

My husband and on our wedding day – 2007

I’ve owned the Bare Minerals starter kit for almost 8 years now. I purchased it right before my wedding because I figured I should probably throw on some face makeup for the special occasion (ha). This powder collection has lasted me that long. When I would wear it, I would just barely dust some on. So I started trying to use the mineral powder to cover up and conceal these terrible eye circles. No dice. It did a great job evening out my skin tone and minimizing my redness, but those half-moon hockey pucks were still staring back at me.

On to my review… I managed to get my hands on this Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm with SPF 25 about a month ago. It was a decent enough size sample for me to use the product for a week – so I feel that is a substantial enough amount of time to let you know my thoughts.


– This product does an excellent job moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue on your face. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry everywhere els

wonderfully strange! I’ll take it!e. So if the product is too matte of a finish, my dry patches are so noticeable! This Beauty Balm has some sort of magic ingredient that fixes the dry patches and tones down the oil in the t-zone. So

– If you don’t like heavy coverage, this product is perfect for you! It’s just enough coverage to even out minor color imperfections without looking like your plastered your face with clay.

– No-fuss application. I applied this just like I would my daytime moisturizer – with my fingers. I needed some minor blending with my fingers, but I was finished in about a minute. Easy-peasy.


– The staying power of this product is poor. Now, my days are SUPER LONG. My makeup starts out at 5:30ish and needs to last until at least 5:30 in the evening. I know that is asking a lot, but its what I need. I find this wears thin and almost non-existent by 3pm. Which, for a light-coverage product, I think is probably to be expected. But, I still consider that a con.

– The price-point on this product is slightly pricey. I have not tried any BB creams from the drugstore, but I’ve seen plenty of reviews on YouTube to know that there are satisfactory products I can find in the drugstore for half of the price of the Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm. Sephora prices this product at $18/.66oz and $36/1.5oz.